Friday, June 26, 2009

Ozone Alert Days - what to do?

Take Action All Summer Long
→Drive less. Try walking, biking, carpooling, or riding the bus. If you leave your car at home one day a week, you could prevent 55 pounds of pollution each year from being emitted into our air. And think of the money you'll save on gas, parking and car upkeep.
→Avoid long idle times. Avoid idle times longer than 30 seconds by turning off your car when you're not in traffic.
→Bring your lunch to work. "Brown-bag-it" or walk to lunch.
→Trip chain. Combine errands into one trip to minimize "cold starts".
→Refuel in the evening and don't top off the tank.
→Do your garden chores gasoline-free. Avoid gas-powered yard tools until evening - or switch to electric-powered tools.
→Sign up to be an Ozone Alert! Coordinator

Take Action on Ozone Alert! Days
→Leave your car at home. Try different ways of getting to work - like walking, biking, carpooling or riding the bus. Avoid unnecessary trips.
→Avoid idling. Walk-in rather than drive-thru.
→Postpone refueling. If you must, do it in the evening.
→Postpone mowing with gasoline-powered mowers.
→Postpone errands. Do them another day.
→Sign up for Email Alert Notifications of Ozone Alert! days.

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