Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For all SAHM

Look at this cute sticker, I found on The Mom Mayhem. I thought I would share it for all the SAHM (stay at home mom). I know that this is very true for me.

TIP ABOUT ME: I am a SAHM of two children. my oldest will be 6 is August, and my youngest just turned 2 in January. I have been a SAHM since I was 30 weeks pregnant with my youngest. My husband and I felt that with childcare cost so high it would be beneficial for both us financial and for our children if I stayed home. I love staying home with my children. I am very active as my oldest child's school. he will be in 1st Grade this year. SO EXCITED!!!


  1. I stayed mom with my 4 girls when they were young and I loved it! I miss those fun days!

  2. Cute button! I'm a SAHM with four children, homeschooling the oldest three.

  3. Awesome! I just noticed this post. Yeah,I also decided to be a SAHM right before I had my 2nd child also because of daycare costs and all. There's plenty of days where this button applies which is why I had to have it on my blog -Oh the Mayhem! =D